Tandem Jump (English)

Tandem jump by parachute two-seater is the best way to try free-fall’s thrill without a skydiving course. Just 25 minutes of training and you will be ready to jump with your tandem instructor.

During the training your tandem instructor will explain to you all the stages of the jump, about all procedures, the position that you have to being and parachute’s opening, respecting all security’s standards. You will jump free falling from 4.300 mt with a professional and specialist instructor who will bring you back safe and without problems. About 60 seconds into the free fall the instructor will open the parachute and you will continue to fly under open sail enjoying a wonderful view until your arrival that will be safe and soft.

At the end you will receive a video made by a video man that will follow you from the beginning to the end of this wonderful and unforgettable experience. Enjoy with all the staff!

Booking information: +39 328 6161064



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what is your prize on tradem skyding? Also do you have any discounts on military, students or tourist?

thank you very much

Do you accept credit card?

Sorry. Only cash or bank tranfert.

When is your next skydive boogie? Do you accept AFF course completion documentation from another school in Sicily (The Zoo, Gaetano Rizzo)?

The next stage is 23 to 26 August. If you have all the correct documentation (AFF) there are no problems.